Join us for our Outdoor Dance Competition Experience on October 30th-November 1st at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Somerset, NJ! 

We will have a large tented area covering our dance floor as well as a socially distanced audience area. The plan is to run the competition studio-by-studio giving scheduled block times that will not overlap. Dressing rooms will be located indoors with a max. of 25 people, as per venue guidelines right now. After each studio completes their HD experience, we have designated 45-minute sanitation blocks to sanitize every inch of the event space before the next studio comes in. Masks MUST be worn all day except for when the dancers are on stage. Each dancer will be asked to bring their own labeled bag to hold their masks, which will be placed on a marked table while they dance. Masks must immediately be put back on as dancers exit the stage. The venue will allow up to 250 people outside at one time, but we will be working with each studio to determine a limited number of spectators that will be required to wear designated bracelets. Our goal is to limit as much traffic throughout the day as possible and to direct the flow of foot traffic during the event. Please note that HD will follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the CDC, state and venue and will build on them as we get closer to the event to share with participating studios.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the event in more detail!


Performer of the Year Title Competition

Our Performer of the Year Competition is HD’s version of a title event and the most prestigious solo dancer award! Dancers are scored on their selected solo in addition to a platform piece and interview question.

What is a platform piece?…great question! HD wants their performers to choose a cause/topic that they are passionate about and want to bring awareness to on HD’s stage. Given current times, we ask directors and dancers to please be considerate and politically polite to keep this an uplifting event and experience for all. Each dancer will perform their solo (3 min. max) in addition to their platform piece solo (1 min. 30 sec. max) and interview. The platform piece is an additional choreographed short solo that the dancer feels best embodies their platform. Winners will receive HD gift certificates, cash awards and swag! 

 Please note that this competition will be held in the following divisions and that must be at least five dancers registered in a given division for the competition to take place.

Apprentice 12 & Under

Apprentice 13 & Over

Advanced 12 & Under

Advanced 13 & Over 

 Dancers must be registered under a studio and submit their platform topic in advance for approval. Please note that an essay must be submitted by the studio director for each dancer by October 9th. The entry fee is $75 per dancer. Paid 2020 studios may use their existing credits.