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HD values the importance of a dancer being comfortable in their own skin and understands that improv is a huge part of auditions, master classes and conventions. The competition is held in two age divisions: 12 & Under (6-12) and 13 & Over (13-18). Please keep in mind that there must be at least 3 dancers in an age division registered for an individual or combined studio block to have an improv section built into their schedule.

Come share the dance floor with your peers while raising money for a great cause. HD Dance donates $1 dollar for every dancer registered to Honoring Sandrino’s Sacrifice Fund.

We hit play…you leave it on the dance floor!

Registration Information For Studio Directors:

1. Once you’re logged in to your DanceComp Genie account and under your event registration, type ‘Improv-Dancers Name’ as the routine name for each dancer you’re registering.

2. Proceed as normal by selecting the dancer you’re registering for the improv competition
3. Under category select ‘Improv’ (this is the only required field)
4. Disregard all the other fields displayed and just click ‘Save Routine’ to complete their registration.

2021 Improv Competitions:

At the end of each studio block, pre-registered dancers will take the stage and compete against their peers from their studio till we have a studio finalist. At the end of the event, the winner will be announced during the livestream awards ceremony. Please keep in mind that onsite studio registration will not be permitted in order for us to properly allocate the correct amount of time in each block’s schedule. Each winner will be invited to compete in an end of season virtual improv competition on zoom with our IDA judges for a chance to be our 2021 Season Overall Improv Champion! 



Start each competition day like a true professional with a complimentary 30-minute morning stretch class with one of our HD crew members on the stage.

2021 Season Note: Our normal stretch classes will not be held this season due to studio block scheduling. We look forward to resuming this awesome opportunities for our dancers in 2022!



Offered to all performances at no additional fee. Simply select from our color palette upon online registration!

Click here to check out our lighting gallery.


Our Performer of the Year Competition is HD’s version of a title event and the most prestigious solo dancer award! The competition is held in two age divisions: 12 & Under and 13 & Over. Dancers are scored on their selected solo in addition to a platform piece and interview question. Solo adjudications will be announced during each regionals awards ceremony and the dancers will perform their POY solo (platform piece) to qualify. At the end of the season, we will announce the two winners with the highest total score virtually!

Note: POY solos (platform pieces) and interviews will not be adjudicated or included in overalls at regionals.

What is a platform piece…great question! HD wants their performers to choose a cause/topic that they are passionate about and want to bring awareness to on HD’s stage. Upon registration, directors will register dancer for their chosen solo as well as their Performer of the Year (Platform Piece). If a dancer is registered for multiple solos, please make sure to indicate which solo should be tabulated for the POY Competition under the ‘Notes’ section within the solo entry fields.

Each dancer will perform their solo (3 min. max) in addition to their platform piece solo (1 min. 30 sec. max) and interview. The platform piece is an additional choreographed short solo that the dancer feels best embodies their platform. Please keep in mind that there must be at least five dancers registered in a given division for the competition to take place at a regionals.

Given current times, we ask directors and dancers to please be considerate and politically polite to keep this an uplifting event and experience for all.


Why wait till nationals?! HD has an entertainment challenge at every regional event! We throw your scores out the window and ask the judges to select the top group performances of the competition that they want to see perform again in our HD Dance-Off (solos & duo/trios are not eligible)!

2021 Season Information:

Due to the current pandemic, HD will only be holding events with block scheduling. Our typical Dance-Off that we look forward to at every regional will have to be a little bit different this year. Judges will select one Dance-Off winner from the 12 & Under division and one from the 13 & Over division at each regionals. The winners will then be posted in our online Dance-Off Challenge! To keep things interesting this year and keep our audience engaged…you will be choosing our 2021 Season Dance-Off Champions! Nominees (winners from each regional) will be posted at the conclusion of our season for a limited period of audience voting. Stay tuned for more information!


Custom top award plaques, scholarships for all types of dancers and hundreds of dollars in HD gift certificates and cash given out at every event!